What we saw at IBC 2016

Another year, another IBC Show! Our focus was on multi-camera and live production announcements and new products. Here’s our takeaways from this year’s IBC:


Canon released two new 4K/UHD monitors – a 17” model and a 24” model. The latter, the DP-V2420 is likely to be popular in post houses, while the DP-V1710 – with it only being 17” and rack-mountable – is going to perfect for OBs, PPUs and in studio facilities. It’s worth noting that the DP-V1710 accepts 6G SDI signals which may attract some users as they navigate through the muddy waters of the clunky 4K transition!

If you’re thinking of getting one of these, the Canon DP-V2420 will set you back approximately £25,000 and the Canon DP-V1710 is approximately £10,000.

More info here:

Canon DP-V2420 https://www.canon.co.uk/for_home/product_finder/digital_cinema/professional_displays/dp-v2420/

Canon DP-V1710 https://www.canon.co.uk/for_home/product_finder/digital_cinema/professional_displays/dp-v1710/


Trickbox Canon DP-V2420 4K HDR Reference Monitor

Canon DP-V2420 4K Monitor


Also from Canon is the UHD DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B) – a 2/3” B4 mount 4K box lens. Nice to see more ‘traditional’ broadcast lenses catering for our increasing 4K needs.

More info here:

Canon UJ27 https://www.canon.co.uk/broadcast/tv_lenses/studio_field_lenses/uhd_digisuper_27/


Canon UJ27 2/3″ B4 Mount 4K Box Lens


SAM threw all their weight behind their IP 4K solutions at IBC this year. One product that stood out was their new highlights & replay system – LiveTouch. The name alone deserves some kind of applaud; ‘LiveTouch’ – very catchy! There’s been lots of attempts by lots of manufacturers to knock EVS off the replay pedestal – will LiveTouch be the one that finally does it? Unlikely, but it certainly might find a home in lots of in-house facilities and users such as college sports channels.

More info here:

SAM IP Edge Technology https://s-a-m.com/technology/ip/

SAM LiveTouch https://s-a-m.com/products/replayhighlights-livetouch/c-24/p-184

Trickbox SAM LiveTouch highlights and replay system

SAM LiveTouch control panel

Ross Video

Ross’s most exciting announcements weren’t related to any new equipment they were launching, but about the company acquisitions they’d made – namely COVELOZ Technologies and Abekas. COVELOZ – although not a household name – will no doubt be a significant factor in the development of Ross’s IP future. Abekas will also be a positive addition to the existing Ross live production solutions. It’ll be interesting to see how these new acquisitions help grow Ross.

The one new product launched by Ross at IBC 2016 which did catch our eye was Raptor (another catchy sounding name!) – or to give it it’s less saleable model number, the IPG-8970. Raptor’s a “solution to bridge your legacy broadcast live production equipment to the packet-based studio infrastructure of the future.” Basically, if you’re transitioning to IP from a traditional copper-based environment, Raptor could be a useful device for you. It’s an openGear card that’s controllable by Dashboard, Ross’s propriety software control system.

More info here:

Ross Video Abekas acquisition https://www.rossvideo.com/about-ross/press-releases/library/corporate/ross-video-drives-ip-ecosystem-with-acquisition-of-coveloz-technologies/

Ross Video COVELOZ Technologies acquisition https://www.rossvideo.com/about-ross/press-releases/library/corporate/ross-acquires-abekas-adding-core-video-server-technology-replay/



So, that’s another broadcast trade show chalked up. IBC 2016 – thanks for coming, see you next year!. Vaarwel… (that’s Dutch for ‘goodbye’)

But before you go, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What caught your eye at IBC 2016?

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