‘No mum, the APP store’; here’s how we’re keeping in touch, and keeping spirits up during C19

Covid-19 Positivity Blog

Against some big odds, we Brits are coming together, picking each other up, and helping each other through to the end of this COVID-19 situation. In our industry particularly, we’ve seen jobs cancelled left and right, freelancers left stranded and companies with empty calendars. However, we wanted to take a moment to look at all the positivity that has come out of everybody banding together.

It’s fitting that we’ve just had Mothers Day weekend, as with social distancing first on the agenda, everyone has been scrambling to set up lines of communication. In the age of Facebook mums, we can’t be the only ones to have had the wonders of video call explained to us alongside a view of our parents ceiling? It’s these funny little realities that we’ll talk about when lockdown is over – the people you’re speaking to right now are the people you’ll always remember this with.

The sudden collective need for community has sparked overwhelming messages of support for the elderly and vulnerable. Local charities have flooded the news with stories of new volunteers and new initiatives. Long may this continue! Even when conversations no longer need to happen through porch windows or from the end of driveways, many people have set their grandparents up with Zoom or Skype. Maybe now that we’ve all experienced a bit of isolation we’ll make more of an effort to call for a chat.

This care and communication has even been translated to the world of work. While we hear the horror stories, and see the struggle playing out for worker’s rights, some employers have generously taken matters into their own hands. Whether it’s setting employees up to work from home, guaranteeing job security during lockdown, or petitioning the government for freelancer support, there’s no more important time to recognise the human nature of ‘business as normal’.

While we look at this new normal, we can’t not mention the entertainment! It’s been heartwarming to see celebrities use their platforms to spread the news and persuade people to stay safe inside. Past that, they’ve even given us a bit of fun. Whether you’re cheered up by a Ronan Keating/Gary Barlow duet, scandalised at the unending Kimye/Taylor Swift feud, or simply watching insta stories for interior design inspiration; there’s something for everyone!

Trickbox - Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow Covid-19 Positivity Blog

Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow emotional duet via video call

Back in the business world, we’re gearing up together to meet the new challenges as soon as virus control allows. Meanwhile, please take this moment to find the positivity in our situation. Don’t spend all day stressing over your calendar; Read a book, tidy your garden, light some candles and have a bath! Don’t let yourself get run down, and most importantly, stay in touch. We can’t start out again without you!

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