NAB Show 2016 – Day 0!

It’s that time of year again! NAB Show – hello old friend…

As has become almost tradition now, ‘leaks’ of what’s to be announced at the show on day one, have emerged. Plus, as is also customary, some of the big broadcast players held their press events today, to announce their new products launches. Here’s a quick rundown of the first batch of NAB news – so far:

Blackmagic Design

It always strikes me as ‘convenient’ that some of Blackmagic Design’s new products are previewed to the world around the same time as the higher end manufacturers such as Evertz, Sony, GVG and SAM hold their official press events to announce their new products. Funny that…

Anyway, thanks to @highschoolbee@benjaminvincent and @StudioDaily for breaking the news of some of the new Blackmagic Design products – including a Studio Viewfinder for the URSA Mini and what looks like a Teranex Mini quad split / multiviewer. More info to follow tomorrow after the official Blackmagic press event.

New Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Viewfinder NAB 2016 New Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Viewfinder NAB 2016 New Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini MultiView / Quad Split NAB 2016


Grass Valley

Some of the announcements from GVG included a new 4K native sensor camera – the LDX86N and a new Focus 75 Live camera. The Focus 75 Live camera is a ‘highly affordable’, ‘entry level’ HD camera (so GVG say). It has 3X 2/3″ CMOS sensors, with global shutter and switchable frame rates and formats. This could give Sony and Panasonic a run for their money in this ‘entry level’ area. GVG also announced a new Korona vision mixer / switcher control panel.



Watch out Sony and Panasonic – it looks like JVC are after a piece of the popular PTZ camera market with the launch of the new KY-PZ100 PTZ camera. With the glut of ‘reality’ shows being commissioned at the minute, cameras like Sony’s BRC-H900 and Panasonic’s AW-HE50 and AW-130 are very popular, so JVC could have a contender on their hands – particularly as the expected MSRP is $3,995.

Trickbox - new JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ Camera NAB 2016



SAM (or Snell as you might know them betters as!) proudly claim they’re ‘leading the way in 4K’. Their new products include new 4K router support, up/down/cross and standards conversion with their Alchemist and Quasar products. Their new Kula vision mixer range looks like it might be the star of (their) show.

We’re looking forward to finding out what else is announced later tonight and tomorrow. Sony and Ross Video hold their press events in a few hours… so stayed tuned for our next post!


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