London is the Best City

Recently, CNN Travel published a post dedicated to its top 50 London attractions. This got us thinking about why we love London and what our fave things to do are. We had a quick poll around our London HQ and came up with some of our own…

1. Hang out in Hyde Park (early in the morning when the sun comes up or in the afternoon with a nice chilled Pinot Grigio – preferably in the summer)

2. Catch a film at BFI (we’ll pretend it’s something artsy)

3. Eat amazing food from the South Indian curries in Tooting to high-end dining in Mayfair (just because!)

4. Visit the Tate Modern (it’s v cool and one of us is a member  ?)

5. Window shop in Bond Street (we can all dream…)

6. Visit the London Eye for amazing views but if it’s booked up you can enjoy a spectacular view of Tower Bridge and the London skyline from our fully equipped HD television studio (ha yeah, we know ?)

As well as our full HD TV studio and outside broadcast services did you know that we also now provide live video social streaming? If you want to live stream your event from one of London’s famous landmarks or from anywhere else we can provide simple, cost-effective professional single or multi-camera shoots with broadcast quality audio and on-screen graphics and music. This can be streamed live, simultaneously to multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your website… you name it we can do it.

If you feel like sharing your London hang outs drop us a tweet @TrickboxTV

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