LinkedIn Launch New Virtual Event Webinar Feature

LinkedIn Virtual Event Webinar

Linkedin is a great platform for B2B interaction, and this year, after the success of Linkedin Live, they are launching a webinar facility, which will allow for an entirely new interactive events experience. This will be a big step forward in allowing Linkedin members to actively participate in the conversation.

Along with using our own custom virtual event platform, we have used Linkedin Live to stream events into Linkedin for our clients. This has allowed their employees to share content with their connections and also allows them to invite their clients, which in turn allows them to build an audience from their connections within the business. We are looking forward to using the new webinar function to further assist our clients.

The new interactive webinar function is going to begin with audio events, and will develop into video events later in the year. We are excited to see how Linkedin develops this over 2022, and we look forward to supporting our clients on Linkedin.

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