IBC 2015 round up

Trickbox - IBC 2015

Another year, another IBC…

It wasn’t the IBC show to end all IBC shows, but it had its moments. There were a few exciting new products launched – here are the key ones that caught our eye:

Sony PXW-FS5

Trickbox - Sony PXW-FS5

I’m not sure anyone was expecting this new camera from Sony. The FS7 was (and is) very well received and had garnered a solid place in the ‘cine’ camcorder market – perfect for documentaries, unscripted TV and corporate video production. And the a7S had begun to swallow up the DSLR market. So where does the new FS5 fit?

The new Sony PXW-FS5 is ergonomically designed for versatile, hand-held shooting; it comes equipped with a super 35 sensor, and is capable of 240 fps high-speed shooting. Oh and it’s 4K – obviously!

The new FS5 is likely to give the Canon C100 and Panasonic DVX200 a run for their money, and it’s going to help Sony reinforce that they still ‘own’ the camera market.




Trickbox - AJA FS3

If you’re an FS1 or FS2 fan, you’ll love the FS3. It’s basically the same, but better…

To date, AJA haven’t made waves to own the 4K market – their video routers aren’t (true) 4K and their ‘glue’ range is mainly SD and HD focused. So perhaps the new FS3 is the sign of the winds of change at AJA HQ. Let’s hope so…



Ross Ultrix

Trickbox - Ross Video Ultrix video router


Up until now, Blackmagic Design have been the only manufacturer to offer affordable 4K (single link) video routers. Ross’s existing NK router range has proved popular and their price point offers very good value for money considering the features and functionality you get. So the news that they’ve launched a new router range – Ultrix – that handles12Gb/s, single link 4K is very exciting.

The Ultrix comes with an integrated software multi-viewer, some clever audio routing and processing, including embedding and de-embedding and is also backward compatible with legacy Ross NK systems. Could be a winner.



Atomos Shogun Studio

Trickbox - Atomos Shogun Studio

An attractive file-based player recorder designed for studio installations and flyaways, the Atomos Shogun Studio is a nice alternative to existing players in that market (AJA, Blackmagic, Sound Devices).

The Shogun Studio is a dual input/output device with all the features Atomos have been building on for the last few years (waveform, codec options etc.). The rack-mount capability is going to be a big positive for lots of users out there.



Blackmagic Design

Trickbox - Blackmagic Multiview

A subdued show for Blackmagic, in comparison to previous IBC shows – mainly just a few updates to existing products (including some long overdue updates to their MultiView unit) and some new products in existing ranges. However, their IP broadcast prototype was the most exciting thing to see from them. Blackmagic have always been quick to utilise all the popular connectivity standards – 6Gb/s, 12Gb/s and fibre – so it was only a matter of time before they started to conquer IP. I suspect NAB Show in April 2016 will be a Blackmagic IP spectacular!


The overriding theme of the show seemed to be the continued push into IP broadcast, with partnerships between Ross and Evertz being formed, plus the usual hype from the big players like Sony and Grass Valley. It’s an exciting time and the next couple of years are bound to see some operational shifts in IP broadcast.

So that’s enough of what we thought, what did you think of this year’s IBC show?

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