Have I Got A (Temporary Multi-Cam) Studio For You

It is well known that there’s currently a shortage of mid to large multi-camera studios in London.

This means that there are productions out there being compromised or not being able to be made. We all know the format of panel shows that span an array of different genres including comedy, sport and news; 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie To You, Have I Got News for You, Celebrity Juice and so on.

Each production will have its own requirements; some will need a relatively small space to house a small audience, while some may need to be big enough to drive a car into.. What they all have in common is that they are traditional studio shows shot multi-camera, and for that they’ll need traditional multi-camera studio facilities spanning from the cameras to the talkback.

So what’s happening to new productions that are being developed or that have been commissioned? Where are they going to shoot the series? If the production isn’t lucky enough to find a studio in town – and it’s likely they won’t be – then there’s a problem…

This situation has come up a few times for us recently; we’ve been approached by several production companies to find a suitable venue space rather than a studio, and install temporary multi-camera studio facilities for either a one-day shoot or for a whole series.

There’s often some initial scepticism from all involved on whether we’ll have all the facilities that they would expect in a studio and whether it will cost more. By the end of the production, however, we’re proud to say that every aspect of the production has been delivered as required – and each one has come in on budget!

A key element of a traditional multi-camera studio is the control room – the gallery – the heart of the production. We take much pride in equipping our temporary control rooms with everything that you’d expect; from flexible video and audio monitoring to digital talkback systems, everything right down to USB charging ports at each position!

Get in touch to see how we can help your next studio production – particularly if you don’t have a studio.

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